I am Gaby Terriquez, a first-generation Latina from South Gate, California.

I was born in 1987 and raised by a single mom who worked very hard to support her three children. My father was an alcoholic and never really in the picture, he passed away in 2003 due to cirrhosis. I was on the basketball team, in the student council, and always actively involved in the community during my high school years.

I moved to Las Vegas in December 2005, and my Life changed. This was the scariest time of my life, but it came with a successful end. I grew up in the hood, I had challenges, I was raised by a single mom, we lived in a single room apartment, my father was an alcoholic, and he died when I was 15, but I didn't allow my circumstance to dictate my future.

I started school to be a teacher, however I realized that I had a passion for business management, and I switched. I started my career as an elevator operator and worked my way up the ladder to finally a director of sales in the hospitality industry. Today I have a successful career, I'm a life coach, and I have my own podcast.

All this came to me because I had a life coach who believed in me and helped me set myself for my success. I'm on a mission to help women that have hit a wall and are pivoting in their life to make a change and live in true freedom. I want you to know you have the potential to achieve what you desire in life. You just need a little push to get started and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that every woman on this earth deserves a life of true abundance and freedom. Let's get it!

I provide a personalized life coaching experience.

My life coaching service includes

One on One Coaching
I believe in goal-setting, personal development, and behavioral modification (CBT). I assist my personal and professional clients in achieving their short- and long-term objectives. Speaking on time (without it becoming yet another thing to schedule). I assist my clients in improving their time management skills.

Group Coaching
When we work alone and isolated, we produce no heat; nevertheless, when we work together, our heat prevails and we ignite with flames. Surround yourself with people who share your values.

Master Classes
Our web MasterClasses are self-paced. Each MasterClass features a thought-leader or a particular theory/topic and may include articles, video, podcast, book recommendations and webinars to give you a deeper dive into a particular subject area.

Motivational / Public Speaker
Life coach/motivational speakers help people achieve their goals and live their lives to the fullest. As a life coach/motivational speaker, you will talk to your client(s), help them identify their weaknesses and inspire them to use their strengths to achieve their personal and professional goals.