Topic: Are you struggling with change, and running around in life, with no result, however you want to change? Feel stuck in life? Need empowerment, and motivation to succeed despite the negative naysayers? I am Gaby Terriquez, and my 90 S.M.A.R.T.Transformation Boot Camp will help you conquer all that and more. The most important part of this program is that you will build the discipline to conquer any goal in life.

The program starts on October 18th and ends on January 18th. (Limited to 20 seats only) S.M.A.R.T.T. is a proven formula that I've used over the last 18 years.

You will learn how to implement the following in your life:

Shift- research shows that when we shift our mindset, we are more determined and resilient to be more
successful. Shifting plays a role in shaping our response to change and the challenges we face in life.

Mindset- the mindset can at times be fixed and think that there is no other way. It takes awareness to shift our mindset to a mindset of growth to take a transformation to the next level. We must train the mindset to constantly adapt and grow to be able to have a life transformation.

Activate- to transform anything in life it must become an action, otherwise, it is just a wish list. Our transformation is activated by the way we learn, create a vision, and establish goals.

Robust- at times, we can be so venerable that we blow in any direction. Activating a robust mindset for a transformation allows you to keep a healthy transformation, yet aggressive enough that you don't lose sight of the goal.

Tactical- transformations command a plan, a plan that is thought out. Transformations are not about winging it in life. They entail a game plan, tactfully executed to measure the return of investment in the mindset.

Transformation- happens when you are S.M.A.R.T.T. about it. It must be realistic, and it will activate the process. Let's talk about transforming your life.

  • You will help you let go of the past so that you get unstuck or pivot around your Awall.
  • You will get empowered and will learn the science of conquering and mastering your goals.
  • You will succeed despite the naysayers and negative dream thieves.
  • You will have the dream work discipline around S.M.A.R.T.T.
  • You will go through the structure of building S.M.A.R.T.T. goals
  • Understand the shifting of the mindset to move forward
  • Learn your limits and capacity
  • Increase your limits and capacity
  • You will have a 360 S.M.A.R.T.Transformation

Who should join?

Women that are ready to make things happen in their life and want to build their dream life. Want to see actual discipline and understanding shift their mindset and make a Real-life transformation. They want to do it, and don't have the accountability but are ready to cocreate goals with a coach.

No words can really express how grateful I am to know there are women out in the world who want to see other women succeed and want to grow with you as friends and a mentor in life and yet I'm able to say I have both, Gaby Terriquez. This program has helped me in numerous ways and it's been there for me through my ups and downs because regardless of what's going on, I've been able to focus on something that benefits my future. It reminded me that there's no limit to what we can strive for and how often we tend to sabotage ourselves but to have women supporting each other, it's been amazing because we are all on a journey individually!

Isabel Lopez


In one of the first sessions of the 90 days smartt boot camp, Gaby had us think back to 2 different times in our lives. One being when we were in full control, with everything working out for us.

Heather Acuna


Are you ready to have the same results as Isabel & Heather?

Why join?

To FINALLY get unstuck and move forward, so that you can let go, and conquer your goals and dream life. To build a Robust and Tactical Transformation so that you stop running around in circles feeling like they hit you with a 2X4!

Program outline:

  • 2 Group setting Coaching/ Classes twice a month total of 6
  • Access to a private FB group, where you can ask questions, share progress, and motivate each other on the goals you are conquering.
  • Live videos daily from Coach Gaby to empower, and motivate you to be successful
  • 3 one on one 20 min individual coaching sessions to measure progress


1. Learning why you are stuck/ or hit an A wall in life and shifting perspective
    a. Learning why and learning to let go
    b. Shifting your perspective to get out of the victim mindset
    c. Shifting to a life of abundance and operating out of an abundance
    d. Envision your dream life (write down the specifics

2. Understanding the mindset/ Goal setting
    a. Understand what the mindset is capable of and how it functions
    b. Reprogramming the mindset- Neurolinguistic session of reprograming the mind
    c. Brainstorm the discipline around the goals 3 what are small changes that you can shift the mindset on to make them happen.

3. Activating the action plan
    a. What obstacles will get in the way and how do you overcome them if they do
    b. Is the action plan measurable and realistic?

4. Robust your capacity and add a long-term actions routine.
    a. The importance of routine
    b. How to implement more actions
    c. You are going on 15 days it takes 66 days to build a routine you will leave the program with 60 days into your habit-building after your last 20 min 1 on 1. This is on purpose I want you to reach day 66 on your own, this is the time you will implement everything needed. You will have access to the Group, and you can all help each other in the FB group I will be cheering you on and empowering you all the way until day 66. That belief you will build on those 6 days to determine what you are made of and what you have learned.

5. Tactical
    a. Measure rea asses, shift gears if you must
    b. Motivational talk shares stories of success
    c. Q & A

    a. A reminder that you can transform as many times as you need to there is no cap
    b. Why people transform
    c. Empower
    d. Q & A